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 Karen Travel - Turismo en Malargüe - Mendoza - Argentina


Hotel Malargüe Inn - Hotel Malargue Inn
Malargüe Inn Hotel Versión Español


Hotel Microtel Inn Malargue - Mendoza - ArgentinaThe Malargüe Inn Hotel is situated at the entrance of Malargue city





Hotel Microtel Inn Malargue - Mendoza - Argentina  (rooms) The hotel has 48 first level rooms (single, double, triples and quadruples) and suites, all of them with private bathroom, television, telephone, safes and data port. 



Hotel Microtel Inn Malargue - Mendoza - Argentina  (restaurant) A big "quincho" lets our guests gather or it can be used as a dancing room

The Microtel Inn Malargue hotel provides catering services, snack bar, lobby, parking and internet


Hotel Microtel Inn Malargue - Mendoza - Argentina  (restaurante)The Microtel Inn Malargue hotel has a big restaurant, with professional staff qualified to satisfy the most demanding tastes.




Hotel Microtel Inn Malargue - Mendoza - Argentina (swimming pool)Besides, The Microtel Inn Malargue has a swimming pool and sauna.





In Microtel Inn Malargue hotel you will find excellent services, comfortable rooms and the security necessary so that your stay in Malargue will be unforgettable.

  Open all the time  Heats  Air Conditionera  Parking Site  Breakfast  Frigobar  Bath  Cable TV  Restaurant  Telephone  Bar  Swimming Pool  Barbecue  Laundry Services  Internet  50 % discount on Las Lenas Ski Lifts  Spa & Health Club

  • Accommodations prices in HOTEL MALARGÜE INN MALARGUE

Sorts of Rooms:

Single: Swl (1 queen sized bed) for 1 person
DoubleDwl (1 queen sized bed or 2 twin beds) or Dwl-Dwl (2 queen size beds)
Triple: (1 queen sized bed and 1 single bed)
Quadruple: (1 queen sized bed and 2 twin beds)
Suite: (1 queen sized bedl - sitting room with a 2 sofa/bed). It includes frigobar, accomodation up to 2 adults and 2 childrens (up to 12)
2 double room comunicated - 2 bathrooms: 1 room with matrimonial bed  and 1 bathrooms and another room with twin beds and 1 bathrooms

The prices with breakfast and dinner include a set menu:

  • Free Salad bar

  • A main plate with 2 options

  • A Dessert

  • Drinks not included


Rates per room with 
breakfast buffet

Summer Season

Goat Festival

Winter Ski Season
Ski - Las Leñas

Swl (single)

B: $c/des-$ c/map
A:$$ c/des-$ c/map

$ c/des-

B:$ c/des -
   $ /map
A y M: $ c/des.-
             $ c/map

Dwl (1 mat. o twin)

B: $c/des.-$ c/map
A: $c/des.-$ c/map

$ c/des.-

B: $ c/des
     $ c/map
A y M: $ c/des.-
 $ /map

Dwl-Dwl (2 camas mat.)

B: $c/des.-$c/map
A: $c/des.-$c/map


B: $ c/des
     $ c/map
A y M: $ c/des
             $ c/map-

Tple (1 mat. y 1 indiv.)

B: $c/des.-$c/map
A: $c/des.-$c/map

$ c/des.-

B: $ c/des $c/map
A y M: $ c/des
              $ c/map

Suite (c/hidromas.)

For 2 pers:
B: $/des.-$c/map
A: $/des. $c/map

Family Plan:
B: $c/des.-$c/map
A: $c/des.-$c/map

For 2 pers:
$ c/des.

Family Plan - base 4 pers:
$ c/des.-

For  2 pers:
B: $ c/des
     $ c/map
A y M: $ c/des
              $ c/map
Family Plan - 4 pers.:
B: $  c/des $c/map
A y M: $ c/des
             $ c/map

2 double comunicated rooms - 2 bath

B: $ .-
A: $ .-


B: $ c/des
     $ c/map
A y M: $ c/des
             $ c/map-

The prices are expressed in Argentine Pesos - USD 1 = $ arg 8.-


Summer Season 2013-2014

Winter Season - Ski Las Lenas - 2014

B: Off-Season A: Season SB: Super Off-Season B: Off-Season M: Mid-Season A: Season

From 26th Apr to 28th Jun  and
From 27th sep. to  27th dic

From 27th December to 26th april

From 21st  june to 28th  june

From 28th Jun to 05th Jul

From 30th Aug to end

From 05th  jul to 12th july

From 02nd aug to 30th  aug

From 12th july to 02nd aug

If you want to book a room in Microtel Inn Malargue Hotel, please, fill out a form

Malargue  - Mendoza - Argentina


1994 - 2014: 20 years of service to our visitors


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